Listen: Rush Limbaugh Tells the ‘True Story of Thanksgiving’

Wednesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh told what he has labeled the “true story of Thanksgiving” to his listeners, an annual tradition of his that was originally detailed in a passage of his 1992 book “See, I Told You So.”


Chinese Region Starved by Mao Honors Him with Giant Golden Statue

There would seem to be something ideologically incongruous about honoring the godfather of Chinese communism with a giant golden statue, but the story of the Mao colossus of Zhushigang gets worse with each new detail. The imposing 120-foot statue, made from steel and concrete covered in gold paint, towers over the surrounding trees.

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Socialists Across Europe See Opportunity to Spread Greece Chaos

Yesterday, as Greece’s debt negotiations entered a new hard-core round of brinkmanship mistaken by many observers for conciliatory gestures to Europe, observers warned that if Greece ultimately succeeds in squeezing more money out of its European creditors without making the necessary “austerity” concessions, their triumphant irresponsibility could go viral.

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No, Riots Are Not ‘Free Speech’ Or A ‘Legitimate Political Strategy’

When you hear a liberal praising a gang of thugs who burned down a church as “resisters,” remember they don’t mean resistance against the Democrat municipal machine that has held power for generations, the Democrat congressional representatives who have been parked in safe seats longer than most of the rioters have been alive, or the Democrat President who has held unprecedented, unconstitutional power for six years.

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Earth Day and the Sustainable Resource Of Guilt

On Earth Day, it’s remarkable how much Green energy (of the political variety) has been pumped into the climate change movement. It gives people an easy way to assume intellectual superiority with virtually zero effort. It’s the eternal crusade, the insoluble problem, the hypothesis that can never be falsified, so it provides sustainable fuel for countless rallies and political power grabs.

President Barack Obama walks the Anhinga Trail at Everglades National Park, Fla,, Wednesda

Hillary Clinton: Champion Of the Privileged Political Class

America needs bigger people, which means smaller government; more honesty, which means less political rhetoric; more property, which requires less collectivism; and more liberty, which demands less compulsion, not better-hidden compulsion. A greater burden of law and bigger political initiatives means more of us will be redefined as criminals and losers, and we can’t afford that.

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Open Offices: Collectivist Theory Ruins Industrial Design

Writing at the Washington Post, Lindsey Kaufman pens a witty critique of a trend that sounds absolutely horrifying: the rise of the “Open Office.” I haven’t experienced such a work environment personally, but I’m not sure my good humor would survive it as well as Kaufman’s has.

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