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David Horowitz: Nancy Pelosi’s Jesus Complex

Over the last twenty years, “Identity Politics,” which is better understood as “Cultural Marxism,” has become the ideological religion of the Democrat Party. At its core is a belief in collectivism.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks outside her office on Capitol Hill, Monday, Ma

David Horowitz: Trump Derangement Pandemic

The anti-Trump fervor is so intense that it has divided the nation into two alien camps until there is hardly any longer a national conversation or a united front in the face of the deadly contagion.

President Donald Trump answers questions during a coronavirus task force briefing at the W

David Horowitz: Trump’s Character and Trump’s Presidency

A few days ago I had a dust-up on Twitter with National Review’s Jonah Goldberg. Our conflict was about Trump’s fitness to be president, a subject that has been broached millions of times on social media by other Internet partisans.

TOPSHOT - US President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Florida State Fa

Horowitz: The Real Race War

The tragedy in Charlottesville could have been an occasion to stop and consider how the tolerance for politically correct violence and politically correct hatred is leading the nation towards civil war. Instead, the media and the political left have turned this incident into the biggest fake news story of the summer, transforming its real lessons into a morality play that justifies war against the political right, and against white people generally.

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Horowitz: Have You No Shame? A Pressing Question for Anti-Trump Democrats and Republicans Alike

Throughout the six months of Trump’s embattled presidency one can only be struck by the failure of anti-Trumpers, both left and right, to acknowledge that a judgment of theirs may have been too hasty, not to say embarrassingly wrong. Yet to those not gripped by anti-Trump passions it seems obvious that there have been many such instances where second thoughts were in order.

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David Horowitz: Stephen Miller, a Second Thoughts Warrior

Stephen Miller is President Trump’s senior advisor for policy and has been my friend since he was a student at Santa Monica High School in 2001, taking on his teachers and administrators for failing to respect country and flag in the wake of 9/11. Steve was raised in a liberal Democratic California household and his second thoughts politically constitute one of the bonds of our friendship, which can serve to illuminate the unique character of this White House – widely misunderstood on the left and right – whose president and chief strategist, Steve Bannon, followed similar paths.


David Horowitz: The Inauguration War

According to Gallup, the average presidential honeymoon lasts seven months. This is a window when the losing party declares a partisan peace, allows the incoming president to pick his cabinet and launch the agenda his victory mandates. Presidential honeymoons are not only a venerable American tradition they are one of democracy’s pillars. For generations they have been ceremonial supports for the peaceful transition of power, and the peaceful resolution of partisan conflicts.


David Horowitz: Steve Bannon, Civil Rights Hero

School choice is now a presidential priority. It could never have happened without Steve Bannon. When the history of the 21st Century civil rights movement is written Steve Bannon’s name will have a special place in its pantheon of heroes.


Horowitz: Why Trump Will Win in November

In elections generally – but this one in particular – things are not always what they seem. Take the apparent exculpation of Hillary Clinton by FBI Director James Comey. The Democrats responded with a statement that the issue is now “resolved” because the target will not be indicted. But, not so fast.

RALEIGH, NC - JULY 5: Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump motions to

How the Democrats Are Disarming Us

According to a Gallup poll taken the week after the atrocity in Orlando, only 29 percent of Democrats thought this was an Islamic terror attack. Fully 60 percent of all Democrats attributed the attack to “domestic gun violence.” Moreover, 42 percent of independents felt the same way. Only 44 percent attributed it to the Islamic holy war that has been declared on America and the West.

US President Barack Obama speaks alongside Vice President Joe Biden after placing flowers

Horowitz: The ‘Never Trump’ Murder-Suicide Pact

What Erickson and his fellow saboteurs, led by Mitt Romney and Bill Kristol, want is for the Republican Party to block Trump and repudiate the record number of Republican primary voters who nominated him. This would actually be a Republican suicide in November – one that would indeed “murder the nation.”

Erick Erickson

David Horowitz–Obama’s Question: What’s in a Name?

Obama is angry. Not at the terrorists, mind you, but at Donald Trump and those who criticize him for calling our enemies “extremists” (like the Sandy Hook and Aurora shooters) instead of “radical Islamic terrorists,” which is what they are.

President Barack Obama speaks at the Treasury Department in Washington, Tuesday, June 14,

Horowitz: The Never-Trump Diehards

One would have though that having failed to stop Trump’s nomination and then failed to find a prominent figure to lead their third-party effort, the beltway renegades would have been embarrassed enough to crawl under a nearby rock where they might ponder their lost credibility and squandered influence. Who, after all, could take seriously a movement launched through a tweet announcing an “impressive” candidate with a “good chance” to alter a national election, who turned out to be an obscure writer with no footprint in the political world?

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Horowitz: Bill Kristol ‘Renegade Jew’ (Continued)

I have been accused of being a provocateur all my life – when I was a leftist in the ’60s proclaiming (God help me) that Vietnam was the fulfillment of the American dream; when I left the left declaring that, “the beginning of political morality is anti-Communism;” when I said that identity politics “owed more to Mussolini than to Marx;” when I opposed reparations for slavery 137 years after the fact because it was “bad for blacks and racist too;” and when I organized “Islamo-fascism Awareness Weeks” on a hundred college campuses across the country. Now I have provoked a firestorm on the Internet through a Breitbart article that called Bill Kristol a “renegade Jew.”


Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew

While millions of Republican primary voters have chosen Donald Trump as the party’s nominee, Bill Kristol and a small but well-heeled group of Washington insiders are preparing a third party effort to block Trump’s path to the White House.

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 03: The Weekly Standard Editor William Kristol (L) leads a discus

Trump Derangement Syndrome

I don’t think I speak for myself alone when I confess utter bewilderment at the number of conservatives – among whom I count long-term friends – who seem to have lost their marbles when assessing the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

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The ‘Never Trump’ Pouters

The conservatives who have declared war on the primary victor are displaying a myopia that could be deadly in November when Donald Trump will lead Republicans against a party that has divided the country, destroyed its borders, empowered its enemies, and put 93 million Americans into dependency on the state.

An attendee wears a 'Never Trump' shirt during a campaign event for Donald Trump, presiden

Horowitz Warns of Rise of 'One-Party State'

On Thursday, conservative icon David Horowitz penned an essay explaining the threats to American freedom. The essay was based on a speech Horowitz gave at the Kohler conference, sponsored by the Bradley Foundation. In it, Horowitz labeled President Obama and

Horowitz Warns of Rise of 'One-Party State'

Another Personal Attack by Diana West and Her Friends

It grieves me to see a hero of the anti-Communist struggle, Vladimir Bukovsky, join the character assassins that Diana West has mobilized to attack Radosh and me because FrontPage posted a bad review of her book.  It grieves me even

Another Personal Attack by Diana West and Her Friends

Reply to Diana West

It is a political truism that cover-ups often turn out worse for the guilty parties than the faults they seek to hide. So it is with Diana West’s campaign of slander against Ronald Radosh and myself because she is incapable

Reply to Diana West

'What Difference Does It Make?' A Response to Diana West

Some conservatives are taking the position that the dispute between Diana West and Ron Radosh, and by extension Frontpage, is a “circular firing squad.” Others regard it as a scholastic dispute over obscure historical sources. Still others feel that it

'What Difference Does It Make?' A Response to Diana West

Democrats Vote The Mentally Disabled

I am incredibly steamed this Thanksgiving Holiday over what the Democrats are doing to my country.  Everybody by now knows – or should know – how readily Democrats conduct election fraud, and how determined they are to defend it. James O’Keefe

Democrats Vote The Mentally Disabled

Oliver Stone's 'History' Trashes America, Praises Lenin, Gorbachev

On the evidence of his new Showtime mini-series and companion book, Oliver Stone is both a communist and political moron, a redundancy to be sure. Having previously celebrated a trio of evil-doers – Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat and Hugo Chavez

Oliver Stone's 'History' Trashes America, Praises Lenin, Gorbachev