Cosmo Harms Minors


Cosmopolitan Embraces Life As a Prostitute

As part of its weekly series called “Sex Work,” Cosmo profiles women who have careers in the sex industry. Recently, the magazine’s website featured an article narrated by a woman who works as a prostitute in a legal brothel in Nevada.


Dr. Alveda King: Cosmo Content Helps ‘Line Pockets of Abortion Industry’

Taking part in the kick-off of the Cosmo Harms Minors campaign this past week, Dr. Alveda King said Cosmopolitan’s content helps “line the pockets of the abortion industry” and that “Planned Parenthood is joining with Cosmo” to “lead that girl into an abortion.”


Hearst Heir: People at My Family’s Company ‘Refuse to Acknowledge Cosmo Is Porn’

The granddaughter of publisher William Randolph Hearst announced the launch of a campaign Wednesday in Washington, D.C. to protect children from the readily available sexual content of Cosmopolitan Magazine which, according to the Hearst Corporation, is the best-selling young women’s magazine in the United States.


What’s Really Inside Cosmopolitan Magazine

If you’ve ever spent time at a convenience or grocery store, you glanced at one of the checkout line staples: Cosmopolitan magazine. With its brightly colored covers splashed with phrases like “The Craziest Sex Tips We’ve Ever Tried” or “How to Make Him Feel More Pleasure,” and its photos of beautiful models, actresses, and teen idols, it is hard not to notice. Cosmo describes itself as a “magazine by women for women.”