Murder Conspiracy Of Pope’s Climate Adviser: The Plot Thickens

A Cambridge professor who advanced the novel theory that Big-Oil-funded death squads have been bumping off climate scientists has been rebuffed by Ipso – the newspaper standards watchdog formerly known as the Press Complaints Commission. Peter Wadhams, Professor of Ocean

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Catholic Congressman to Pope: Stop Talking about Climate Change ‘Like a Leftist Politician’

The Pope should stop talking and acting “like a leftist politician” on climate change and instead concern himself with things that really matter, such as the murder of Christians by ISIS and the “intentionally planned genocide of unborn children by Planned Parenthood.” So says Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who is planning to boycott the Pope’s forthcoming visit to the House of Representatives in protest.

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Vatican Invites Anti-Capitalist Eco-Activist to Address Environmental Conference

Naomi Klein, a Canadian environmental crusader who describes herself as a “secular Jewish Feminist,” addressed Vatican officials Wednesday, bashing “economic experts” who place “outsized value on protecting corporate profits and economic growth” rather than the poor, who she said will

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New York Times: The New Enforcer of Catholic Orthodoxy?

In a truly bizarre reversal of roles, in the course of just a week the New York Times has gone from being the Church’s most trenchant detractor to being an ardent enforcer of Catholic doctrine, polling Catholics to find out whether or not their parish priests are preaching about the Pope’s new encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’.


Jerry Brown Endorses Pope’s Climate Change Encyclical

Governor Jerry Brown, who issued an executive order in April forcing the state to cut green house gas emissions to 40% under 1990 levels by 2030, released a statement Thursday endorsing Pope Francis’s encyclical on climate change.

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Pope Francis Warns That Social Media Produces ‘Mental Pollution’

Pope Francis tackles more than just dirty air and polluted rivers in his new encyclical on the environment. He also warns that a society dominated by media and Internet can stifle human relationships and dull the mind, a syndrome he refers to as “mental pollution.”

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In Green Encyclical, Pope Comes Down Hard on Transgender

For Pope Francis, in the framework of responsible stewardship for creation, the manipulation of gender implies an assault on the Creator and a disrespect for his designs. In his new encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’, the Pope condemns the

Pope Francis waves to pilgrims at th end of his weekly open-air general audience on September 4, 2013 in St.Peters square at the Vatican. The pontiff asked for a big turnout at a Vatican vigil on Saturday for peace in Syria and thanked the world's faithful and non-believers for their …

Dear Pontifex: Poverty and Statism Kill the Earth, Not Commerce and Progress

It will be loads of fun watching the Left strip-mine the papal encyclical for politically useful passages while ignoring the rest of what Pope Francis says. Liberals already have a religion, and it is known for punishing apostasy. Ask any of the properly skeptical scientists who have been hounded and destroyed for daring to question “climate change” orthodoxy.

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Leaked Copy of Pope’s Ecological Encyclical Was the Real Deal

Rarely has the Vatican reacted more swiftly to a journalistic fiasco than it did this week, banning veteran Italian journalist Sandro Magister from the Holy See Press Office and revoking his accreditation just hours after Magister published online a leaked version of the letter.

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The Pope’s climate change encyclical: what it all means

The Pope has published his long-awaited, 300 page encyclical on climate change, Laudato Si’.  Here are some initial thoughts on what it all means: The Pope is a true believer (in the climate “consensus”) A very solid scientific consensus indicates


Pope Francis’ Argentine Connection with Environmentalism

Nothing ever happens in a vacuum. Pope Francis’ ongoing concern for environmental issues, which will attain its fullest expression with the release of his encyclical on human ecology Thursday, has deep roots in his own personal experience, especially as archbishop of Buenos Aires, home to one of the most polluted places on the planet.

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Who Really Needs the Pope’s Environmental Message?

The Pope has insisted that the poor are the ones who suffer most from systematically trashing the environment, and there certainly does seem to be a remarkable correlation between poverty and pollution.

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Jesuit Mag Disses Climate Change Skeptics

The Jesuit flagship publication La Civiltà Cattolica has released a prefatory essay on the theology of the environment to prepare Catholics—and the world—for the Pope’s upcoming encyclical on human ecology. Rather than seriously entertain the objections of climate change skeptics and others who have expressed concerns about the Pope’s letter, however, the article cavalierly dismisses them as unworthy of consideration.

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Pope Allegedly Halts Publication of Eco-Encyclical amid Controversy

A Vatican insider asserts that Pope Francis has scrapped the draft of his encyclical letter on the environment and sent it back for major revision. The letter was slated for publication in early summer, but now may not be ready until much later, he suggests.

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