EU waste

EU Misspent Over 6 Billion Euros Last Year: Watchdog

The European Union (EU) misspent 6.3 billion euros ($6.8 billion) in 2014, the bloc’s financial watchdog said on Tuesday, urging Brussels to take make its unwieldy budget more responsive to shocks like the migration crisis. The European Court of Auditors

EU deal

Hard-Pressed MEPs Decide To Give Themselves A Pay Rise

MEPs have graciously awarded themselves an extra €18,000 annually to spend on assistants, meaning the EU will spend €207 million (£149 million) a year on personal assistants by 2016. The seven per cent raise means each and every MEP will

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EU Money Spent on ‘Tree Of The Year’ Competition

This years host of the European Tree of the Year contest has contacted fellow MEPs and their staff to participate in the latest competition to be funded by Brussels. Socialist Euro MP Pavel Poc contacted colleagues to urge them to

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France Faces Billion Euro Bill For Excessive Farm Subsidies

France has been landed with a bill for 1.1 billion euro after the European Commission demanded a refund for agricultural subsidies it should not have claimed. The country is by far the largest recipient of EU funding via the Common