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Former SS medic Hubert Zafke, 95, accused of aiding in 3,681 murders in Auschwitz in 1944, arrives for his trial on September 12, 2016 at the court in Neubrandenburg, northeastern Germany. / AFP / dpa / Bernd Wüstneck / Germany OUT (Photo credit should read BERND WUSTNECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Anger Mounts Over Delayed Trial of Auschwitz Medic, 95

Germany has presented a wave of recent trials of elderly former Auschwitz personnel as an 11th-hour bid for long-delayed justice, but the latest proceedings have provoked a strong backlash.

AP Photo/Christian Lutz

Exodus: Western Europe Jewish Migration to Israel Hits All-Time High

JERUSALEM (AP) — Jewish immigration to Israel from western Europe has reached an all-time high as a result of a rise in anti-Semitic attacks, a leading nonprofit group said Thursday. The Jewish Agency, which works closely with the Israeli government

A demonstrator joins the "United Against

PEW REPORT: ‘Islamophobia’ Not Rising In Europe

A common refrain in the aftermath of Islamist activity is that all must guard against a “rising tide of Islamophobia“. But the warnings have been overstated, according to new research by the Pew Research Center, which shows that anti-minority sentiment is not