WATCH: Jewish Family In East London Told To ‘F*ck Off Back To Isra-hell’


A Jewish family has been verbally attacked in East London, being told to “f*ck off back to Isra-hell”.

A video shot in the London docklands area shows a man shouting “Don’t come around here. Go back to Stamford Hill – you’re not welcome!”

It’s been confirmed the victims – a man, his wife, and their young children – are from Stamford Hill, which has a large Jewish population.

The father told the Evening Standard of his ordeal, which involved a “black male walking with two young children and woman”, who began to yell at them around 5pm on Tuesday.

He says he was parking his car before taking his wife, nine-week-old baby and five other children aged between three and 10.

“[The man] came up behind us and started shouting at us to ‘f*** off back to Isra-hell’ and ‘go back to Stamford Hill’,” he told the newspaper.

He took his phone out and filmed the tail-end of the tirade to show police.

The victim – who wishes to remain anonymous – says his children were crying and too frightened to sleep last night.

The Shomrim Jewish neighbourhood watch group released the video on twitter. The registered charity aims to “assist the Police in reducing crime and help local citizens feel safe”, which includes setting up “neighbourhood patrols”.

Earlier this month it was reported that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the UK rose by 11 per cent in the first six months of this year with London reporting three-quarters of all recorded attacks.

Jews have been leaving France in record numbers, citing fears of Islamic terrorism and rising anti-Semitism, and there are fears that they could also start leaving London in significant numbers if current trends continue.

Almost 8,000 Jews left France for Israel in 2015 – a rate far higher than anywhere else in Europe and part of the largest trans-migration of Jews since the formation of Israel in 1948.


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