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Greece to Build Border Wall in Fight Against Illegal Immigration

Greece has started building a new section of wall along its border with Turkey, after several stand-offs with the Middle Eastern nation over illegal immigration. The Hellenic Army will build an extra 16 miles (27km) of fence as well as


UK: Left Furious at Ban on Teaching Anti-Capitalism at Schools

The government has been accused of “extreme Conservative authoritarianism” after guidance advised schools to promote freedom of speech and not to use teaching materials produced by groups which call for an end to capitalism.


UK Medical School Agrees to ‘De-Colonise Curriculum’

The University of Bristol’s Medical School has outlined measures the institution will take to “de-colonise the curriculum”. One of the UK’s top medical schools, Bristol announced it will be taking a range of actions including educating students on medicine’s ‘racist’


UK: Judges Force Govt to Scrap ‘Racist’ Visa System

The Home Office has been forced to scrap a computerised visa system after campaigners claimed it was “racist” for being more likely to refuse people from third world countries entry to Britain.