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Evangelical Activists Support Cruz and Carson; Voters Also Like Trump, But ‘Insiders’ Back Rubio

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is celebrating a victory in the straw poll at the Values Voters Summit, the third consecutive year he’s led that field. Cruz pocketed 35 percent of the vote, almost doubling second place Dr. Ben Carson’s 18 percent. Mike Huckabee placed third with 14 percent, Marco Rubio fourth with 13 percent, and Donald Trump rounded at the top five at 5 percent.

Ted Cruz Values Voter Summit Jose Luis MaganaAP

Jim Wallis, Progressive ‘Cleric,’ Tortures Bible to Promote Intolerant Islam

Jim Wallis, the far-left founder of Sojourner Magazine and beneficiary of George Soros donations who has built a career out of subverting constitutional liberty in America by quoting the Bible out of context, is at it again. In his latest effort in transparent left-wing propaganda, Wallis extends his love for open borders from the huge Islamic populations of Middle East and Africa to the United States to all of Europe.

Migrants wait on a platform to get a permission from police to board a train to Serbia (ROBERT ATANASOVSKI/AFP/Getty Images)