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Carson: ‘I Have Not Actually Worked With Fetal Tissue’

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson responded to a report that he did medical research on aborted fetal tissue by stating, “I have not actually worked with fetal tissue” on Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor.” Carson, after defending his


Chicago Pro-Life Rally Challenges Planned Parenthood

The movement comes after four undercover videos — two this week — showing top executives at Planned Parenthood describing gruesome abortion procedures that occur in their clinics nationwide in order to sell the organs and tissue of unborn babies.

Chicago Pro life

Doctors Refute Planned Parenthood’s Defense It Uses Aborted Fetal Tissue For Scientific Progress

“Let’s be clear: selling organs of aborted babies for fetal tissue research is unnecessary and prolongs human suffering,” Dr. Michelle Cretella tells Breitbart News. “Fetal tissue research, like embryonic stem cell research, has failed to produce a single successful treatment for human disease, and both have been associated with significant side-effects including overgrowth of cells and the need for immunosuppressive chemotherapy.”

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