Brazilian President: ‘Ghosts’ Forced Me, My Family Out of Presidential Palace

Brazilian President Michel Temer confessed in an interview with the Portuguese-language magazine Veja that he and his family moved out of the nation’s Alvorada Palace, the official presidential residence, over bad energy and “ghosts” that kept him and First Lady Marcela Temer from sleeping well at night.

Brazil's President Michel Temer, center, and wife Marcela Temer, watch an Independence Day military parade in Brasilia, Brazil, Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016. Pictured right is Lower House Speaker Rodrigo Maia. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres)

Santeria Priest Warns Cubans: Cover Heads to Stop Fidel Castro from Possessing You

As Cuba continues to endure a mandatory nine-day mourning period for its late dictator Fidel Castro, the nation’s Santeria priests (babalawos) have once again begun to speculate about decades-old rumors that Castro practiced their African religion and to warn that Castro’s spirit may still haunt the island.


Philippines President-Elect: I Won’t Live in Presidential Palace Because It Is Haunted

Populist firebrand Rodrigo Duterte is ready to assume the presidency of the Philippines in June, preparing an array of zero-tolerance laws against crime, including bans on public smoking and late-night drinking. What he will not be preparing for is a move into the presidential palace, he says, because he has been there and it is haunted.


Hillary Clinton: ‘I Believe in Spirits’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed that she believes in “spirits,” even though she is not sure about the existence of ghosts or aliens.

X Files Poster and Hillary Behind Curtain AP