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Strange Bedfellows: Turkey Offers Greece Aid to Remedy Financial Crisis

Multiple factions within the Turkish government have expressed a willingness to help the Greek government repay its debts to the European Union, from a general statement by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu that Turkey will do “whatever we can” to help Greece to the nation’s leftist party suggesting a massive loan to the Greek government in solidarity.

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China ‘Willing to Play a Constructive Role’ in Keeping Greece in the Euro

As talks between Greek officials and members of the IMF and European Union approach their conclusion before a potential exit of the Hellenic nation from the eurozone, Chinese officials are suggesting they could play a role in helping Greece pay back its debts. The Greek crisis has negatively affected the Chinese economy, which has invested millions in Greece.

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EU Makes Last-Ditch Bid to Save Greek Bailout

This article originally appeared at Reuters: EU authorities made a last-minute offer to salvage a bailout deal that could keep Greece in the euro as the clock ticked down on Tuesday, with Germany warning that time had run out to

Greece Shuts Banks, Imposes Capital Controls as Euro Referendum Nears

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has forced all banks in the country to shut down and limit the amount of money Greeks can withdraw from ATMs. This is in anticipation of a July 5 referendum on whether Greece should accept economic reforms in exchange for a shot at not defaulting on its $271 billion debt to the European Union and the IMF.


Downing Street: Britain Preparing for Greek Euro Exit

The British government is accelerating its preparations for a possible Greek exit from the euro zone, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday, after the Greek central bank warned of the consequences of such a scenario. “You can


Grexit on the Brink as EU, Athens Hold Firm on Proposals

Greece remains defiant in the face of a possible “Grexit” from the European Union (EU), with Athens and its creditors attempting to avoid both defaulting and leaving the currency alliance, which Germany’s EU commissioner has referred to as a scenario that could create a “state of emergency,” Reuters reports.

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‘Grexit’ Brinkmanship is Classic Greek Tragedy

The populists are screening a modern Greek Tragedy wherein the noble Greek people are forced to suffer deprivations in return for the villainous German-controlled creditors pretend to loan Greece money that mostly repay existing EU loans used to buy German imports. But with Greece on the brink of running out of cash, and Greece’s creditors running out of patience, a compromise may be coming together to avoid an overt ‘Grexit’ by allowing for a devalued “Greek euro.”


Study: Many Alternatives to EU Membership for Britain

A leading think tank has released a report on the opportunities Britain will have if it votes to leave the European Union. The Institute of Economic Affairs has published the document detailing four different choices following independence, now that “Brexit”

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Germans Issue Stark Warning To Greeks After Syriza Victory

German Politicians have issued a stark warning to Greece’s new government that the economic reforms imposed by the EU must continue, the International Business Times reports. Alexis Tsipras’s Syriza secured victory in the Greek elections on Sunday and have formed