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Friends And Foes Remember ‘Remarkable’ Charles Kennedy

Both political friends and foes have paid tribute to Charles Kennedy, the former Liberal Democrat leader who died yesterday. He was a larger than life figure in Westminster known for his flair for witty, intelligent and incisive public speaking. Douglas Alexander,


One Out, All Out: Danish Right Demand European Referendum

The Danish People’s Party, which is expected to hold the balance of power after next month’s general election, is calling for a referendum on Denmark’s membership of the EU. Party leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl said his aims for reform were


Next Stop Britain: French Police Move In On Migrant Shanty Town

Paris police started evicting hundreds of migrants Tuesday from a tent camp near a major train station and tourist area — a patch of increasingly crowded pavement that has become a symbol of Europe’s struggle in facing a surge of migrants.

France Migrants Evacuated

Farage To Juncker: ‘Wind Yer Neck In’ Over Euro Referendum

Nigel Farage has demanded Jean-Claude Juncker “wind his neck in” after the European Commission President claimed British people had no desire to leave the EU. President Juncker’s comments came in the German Newspaper, Süd Deutschezeitung, and is his latest intervention

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Cameron Could Force Anti-EU Ministers To Resign

David Cameron has been warned that he must allow anti-EU ministers to campaign to leave the bloc without fear of being forced to resign. The demand came on Sunday from the pro-EU former Chancellor Ken Clarke and anti-EU former Welsh

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Blair demanded £330,000 to speak about world hunger

Tony Blair has been dropped from appearing at a world hunger conference in Sweden after he allegedly demanded £330,000 to do a twenty minute speech. The former Prime Minister was asked to speak tomorrow at the Eat conference in Stockholm

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Nick Clegg among those banned from Russia

After leading the Liberal Democrats to electoral oblivion at the General Election and having to resign as leader as a consequence, Nick Clegg has a good reason to drown his sorrows during his remaining time in parliament. Unfortunately he no

Nick Clegg confused

Left Turn: Former Militant Tendency Boss Hatton Rejoins Labour

The Militant Tendency leading light Derek Hatton has rejoined the Labour Party. The former councillor was expelled from Labour in the mid-1980s after he was held responsible for setting an illegal budget at Liverpool City Council. Hatton told ITV’s Party


Cameron’s Left-Wing ‘One Nation’ Clarion Call In Queen’s Speech

David Cameron has themed his first Queen’s Speech since the election around the left-wing clarion call of “One Nation”. The term was first coined by Benjamin Disraeli and has been used by every paternalistic “moderate” Tory prime minister since. It was even

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Comprehensive David Cameron U-Turn On Human Rights Pledge

David Cameron has broken his election pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act, in a u-turn that has come at his first Queen’s Speech since his re-election. During Cameron’s first term he claimed the coalition was preventing Tory plans to

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First Tory Queen’s Speech In Nearly 20 Years

The Conservatives are ready to enjoy the first Queen’s Speech all of their own making since 1996. HM The Queen will lay out David Cameron’s legislative programme Wednesday in a speech that is expected to deviate little from the Tory manifesto. David

Queen Elizabeth embarks on her 62nd address to parliament.

Jihadis Infiltrate Migrant Gangs Heading For UK

Jihadis are infiltrating migrant gangs heading for Calais in the hope of entering Britain, according to French police. Forty specialist officers have been tasked with searching for IS fighters among thousands of North Africans travelling across Europe. A spokesman for the Prefect

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Gay Marriage Supporters Jeer Opponents At Dublin Castle

DUBLIN, Republic Of Ireland – For a thousand years Dublin Castle has stood as a testament to the Irish people’s Catholicism and later the (often thwarted) desire to oppose secularism or domination from English Protestantism. What better place then to

Dublin Castle

Irish Vote Shows Long Term Split From Catholic Church

DUBLIN, Republic of Ireland – Today Ireland will become the first country in the world to legalise gay marriage through a referendum. On the face of it, this looks like a remarkable departure from the traditional Catholicism of the country,

dublin castle

Traditionalists Silenced In Irish Gay Marriage Vote

DUBLIN, Republic of Ireland – Polls have closed in Ireland’s constitutional referendum to allow gay marriage amidst allegations traditionalists were unable to express their views. Despite promises of an open and fair vote, every state-funded political party in the country

Anti Gay Marriage Poster

Gay Marriage Referendum Underway In Ireland

DUBLIN, Ireland – Voters are going to the polls today in the Republic of Ireland to determine if the constitution should be amended to allow gay marriage in the country. Ballot boxes opened at 7am this morning, and pundits are

ireland vote

Labour’s Sadiq Khan MP Calls Voters ‘B*stards’

Labour Mayoral hopeful, Sadiq Khan MP, has been accused of calling voters “b*stards” in a speech to party activists. The close ally of Ed Miliband made the comments on election night after Labour failed to take Battersea, but what he

Sadiq Khan

Cabinet ‘Traitor’ Who Deposed Thatcher Retires

Geoffrey Howe, the foreign secretary whose resignation speech began the downfall of Margaret Thatcher, has retired from the House of Lords. The 88-year-old played a pivotal role in the chain of events which led to Thatcher being deposed as prime


Prince Charles to Meet Sinn Fein/IRA Boss Gerry Adams

Prince Charles is due to meet Gerry Adams in Galway later today as part of an ongoing campaign to improve relations between the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The move is significant because Adams was a senior member of


Cameron To Push For 2016 EU Referendum

David Cameron will publish a draft EU referendum bill the day after the Queen’s Speech, according to the Daily Express. The move is designed to placate right-wing Tory MPs, still angry that the government’s failure to deal with the European issue

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ISIS Smuggling Fighters Into Europe Posing As Refugees

The Islamic State (IS) are smuggling fighters into the EU posing as refugees according to a Libyan government adviser. Abdul Basit Haroun told the BBC that the terrorist state was able to bypass European Police and knew which of “their

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France joins opposition to EU quota plan for migrants

France has joined a chorus of voices opposing a European Union plan to ease pressure on nations dealing with an influx of Mediterranean migrants by establishing a quota system to share the burden. Prime Minister Manuel Valls says he opposes

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Pro-European Burnham Demands 2016 EU Referendum

Andy Burnham has demanded the government hold the EU referendum in 2016, a year earlier than planned. In an interview with The Observer the Labour leadership frontrunner admitted he told Ed Miliband to support the referendum, but only because he


Bank of England Confirms Immigration Is Depressing UK Wages

The Bank of England has confirmed wages are being held down due to increasing levels of migration. The admission comes despite claims from politicians that the recent influx of foreign workers has benefited workers. The bank’s governor, Mark Carney, said the increase

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Tim Farron: Lib Dems In ‘Fight Of Our Lives’

The Liberal Democrats are in a desperate fight for survival according to Tim Farron. The former Lib Dem president is campaigning to become leader of the party in the wake of its disastrous showing at the general election. On his website Farron

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New Labour Leader May Only Last Two Years

The new Labour leader may only last “two or three” years because the party would drop anyone they believed was unable to win the election, according to Damian McBride. The former Labour spin doctor said the party had picked “two


UKIP Deny National Committee Dissented Over Farage Return

UKIP Party Chairman, Steve Crouther, has denied allegations reported by Breitbart London that elements of the party’s National Executive were unhappy about Nigel Farage remaining leader. Mr Farage had resigned after failing to take South Thanet but on Monday the

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) arrives to vote i

Farage Forced Through Leadership Confirmation

Nigel Farage is believed to have forced UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to refuse his resignation despite opposition to the plan. Breitbart London understands he considered reneging on his commitment to resign before he even made the announcement on Friday.


Irn-Bru For You: Parliamentary Bars Fill Up As SNP Invades Westminster

The Scottish National Party’s 56 newly-elected MPs hit the bars of the Palace of Westminster after arriving for their photo-call with Nicola Sturgeon yesterday. Both the Strangers’ Bar and the Sports And The Social Club stood four deep as the newbies

56 Mps