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Hamas tunnels

Israelis Near Gaza Fear Hamas is Tunneling Beneath Them

Nissim Hakmon and his neighbors say they hear banging and clattering at night. They are convinced it can only mean one thing: Hamas is tunneling under their homes from Gaza and will one day emerge, guns blazing, to attack or

A Palestinian man covers his face as he prepares to smuggle sacks full of food, beauty products and second-hand clothes, as well as construction material, into Egypt through a dusty underground tunnels linking the southern Gaza Strip

Netanyahu Warns Gaza Terrorists Against Attacking

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the Islamic militant group Hamas that rules Gaza on Sunday that his country will retaliate with “greater force” than deployed in the 2014 Gaza war if cross-border tunnels are used to


Fatah Castigates Hamas In Wake Of Gaza Terrorist Tunnel Fatalities

TEL AVIV – Fatah has accused Hamas of robbing Gaza’s youth of their future after seven militants were buried alive while working to restore a network of cross-border tunnels that Israel destroyed during the 2014 Gaza conflict. “Hamas trades the


EXCLUSIVE: Hamas Building Sophisticated ‘Tunnel City’ Under Gaza

TEL AVIV – Hamas is in the process of building a sophisticated network of tunnels beneath​ the Gaza Strip, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the ​issue speaking to Breitbart Jerusalem. The tunnel infrastructure mirrors ​the network built by Hezbollah in Lebanon.