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Analysis: California’s ‘Red Tide’ Overcame the ‘Blue Wave’

An early analysis of election results in the California primary by the San Bernardino Sun has found that a “red tide” of votes for Republicans overcame the “blue wave” of votes for Democrats, enabling the GOP to win the Inland Empire region east of Los Angeles.


Blue State Blues: What Kind of a State is Cruzifornia?

The California primary on June 7 will be the decisive contest for both the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations. There is almost no way that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) or Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) can win majorities of delegates in

Blue State Blues (Breitbart)

Inland Empire is America’s Fastest Growing Industrial Center

The New York Times refers to the Inland Empire as Southern California’s backlot, because of its vast warehouse complexes and staging areas. But with the Riverside-San Bernardino region as the hottest industrial construction site in the nation, the Inland Empire is the center stage for America’s new industrial boom.

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Inland Empire Job Growth Soars; Only Outpaced by Silicon Valley

A year ago, the Inland Empire cities of Riverside and San Bernardino were ranked as “Among Slowest To Recover Since Recession,” in unemployment rates, median income and home prices. But those low costs have sparked a new economic boom as Riverside and San Bernardino counties’ job growth now only trails the Silicon Valley tech hubs of Santa Clara and San Francisco counties, according to a report released Thursday at an Ontario economic conference.

San Bernadino (Lucy Nicholson / Reuters)