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Germany’s ‘Mr. Flirt’ Teaches Refugees How to Pick Up Women

The subject was pickup lines, and Germany’s “Mr. Flirt” offered a few examples to his class of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. “I really love the scent of your perfume,” he suggested. “You have a beautiful voice.” He invited his students to take a stab.

BERLIN, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 28: A participant dressed as a Christmas angel fixes her eyelashes at a gathering of volunteer student Santas and angels on November 28, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The Studentenwerk Berlin, a student organization at the city's technical university (Technische Universitaet Berlin), sends out between 400 and …

TB Spiked 500 Percent In Twin Falls During 2012, As Chobani Yogurt Opened Plant

That same year, 2012, the percentage of active TB cases in Idaho that were foreign-born spiked to 80 percent, or 12 out of 15, up from 50 percent in 2011, or 6 out of 12. As Breitbart News reported previously, the percentage of active TB cases in the country that are foreign-born is 66 percent.

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Vicar of Baghdad Warns: ‘Europe Is Ignoring The Real Refugees’

Europe is failing the most vulnerable refugees by focusing its sympathy on the migrants crossing its borders rather than those left behind, Canon Andrew White has said. In a passionate statement, he added: “the wrong people are at the front

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EU Tells Members: Take Migrants or Lose Grants

The European Union has effectively threatened to cut funding to countries like Britain unless they agree to take more refugees. Officials from Austria and Germany said they were considering a plan whereby EU grant spending would be focussed on countries

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Pope Francis Sends Personal Message and Easter Cakes to Iraqi Refugees

An official Vatican communiqué Friday conveyed the Pope’s sorrow and solidarity with the families driven from their homes by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq. He likened their suffering to that of Jesus Christ during His passion, and sent them financial assistance, as well as Italian Easter cakes, as a sign of his closeness to them.

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