City Hall Staff to Get Self-Defence Training After Migrant Family ‘Riot’


Staff working at Rommerskirchen’s City Hall will be trained in self-defence after an Iraqi refugee and her ten children rioted against Social Services on Monday.

At around 2pm, the 33-year-old and her offspring, who are aged between one and 17, stormed the municipality’s office without an appointment.

Staff said that once inside the second-storey office, the family began to “riot”, tearing information from the walls, and throwing chairs around and damaging doors, whilst one 0f the woman’s children threatened to jump out of the window.

“It was impossible to conduct a conversation with them,” an employee told the Rheinische Post, stating that the atmosphere in the officer had been aggressive since the family first arrived.

Via an internal alarm system, social workers alerted colleagues to their plight, but the situation escalated and staff at the city hall were forced to call the emergency services.

Police arrived with five patrol cars, and took into custody the Iraqi woman’s 16-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter whilst officers tried to calm the rest of the family down.

Nobody was injured in the commotion, but charges were filed against the eleven-man family  — who arrived in Germany more than a year ago and have been granted asylum  — for offences which included criminal damage and attempted bodily harm.

Stating that the family in question is known to have caused problems for authorities in the past  — with their having been abusive towards staff  — municipality spokesman Bele Hoppe stressed that Rommerskirchen has had many positive experiences with its resident asylum seekers, who number just over 200.

“This is an isolated case, and we have not experienced problems like this before,” she insisted.

Department head Hermann Schnitzler said he was pleased with how the City Hall’s internal alarm system was shown to function in the event of an emergency, adding that administration staff will in future be trained in self-defence.

Breitbart London reported on Wednesday how veteran journalist Dirk Schümer this week blasted the portions of German society which he said are making it impossible to deport criminals and migrants who have no right to remain in the nation.

“As long as a culture of tolerance is held above the law in Germany, the country will continue to see murderous acts like the one just seen in Hamburg,” he wrote in bestselling broadsheet Die Welt, referring to a supermarket attack by a Palestinian illegal immigrant who killed one and injured several more.


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