Joel Rosenberg

Virgil: President Trump’s Foreign Policy Triumph Annoys the Media

Three related American foreign-policy goals—security for Israel, peace in the Middle East, and a new Middle Eastern alliance against Iran—have just scored major breakthroughs.  And if you haven’t heard about these successes, maybe that’s because the Main Stream Media are so busy attacking President Trump that they’ve lost interest in foreign reporting. 

Trump, seen with Crown Prince Mohammed in the White House in March, has touted billions of dollars’ worth of arms deals with Saudis

Survey: American Evangelical Support for Israel Strong but Millennials Lag Behind

Faith leaders from across the country and the Middle East held a press conference last week in Washington, DC, to release the results of a poll on American evangelicals’ support for Israel and to announce the launch of an organization to educate Christians about the biblical significance of the Israeli state today and in the future.