Poll: Over 40% of Americans Believe U.S. is Losing War on Islamic State

Militant Islamist fighters waving flags, travel in vehicles as they take part in a militar

An estimated 41 percent of likely American voters believe the United States and its allies are losing the war against Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadists, according to a new poll.

Only about one-third say the U.S.-led coalition is winning the war against the jihadist group, and nearly 1 in 4 are uncertain whether the United States and its allies are winning or losing.

The survey, conducted by U.S. polling firm McLaughlin & Associates, also revealed that nearly 70 percent of Americans “fear catastrophic terrorist attacks by ISIS are coming to the U.S. homeland, possibly involving chemical or biological weapons,” notes a press release announcing the results.

When broken down by political ideology, more than half (about 52 percent) of respondents who identify as conservatives and a substantial portion of moderates (about 39 percent) believe the U.S. is losing the war, while almost half (about 46 percent) of self-professed liberals say we are winning.

“The challenge facing the new administration is not simply one of military strategies, tactics and resources. It is also important that the administration and Congress develop a new strategic communications plan for the war,” said Joel Rosenberg, a Middle East expert and New York Times bestselling author. “Washington has both the need and the opportunity to explain to the American people the magnitude of the threat we face, the true nature of the enemy, and the urgency of taking decisive action to win the war and protect the homeland and our allies.”

“Policy-makers would be wise to begin their strategic communications planning by taking a fresh look at just how the American people currently see the war with ISIS and identifying critical information gaps where more education would be helpful,” added Rosenberg, author of the newly released political thriller, Without Warning.

Conducted on February 20 on behalf of various U.S. and foreign clients, including the Trump campaign and Rosenberg, the survey polled 1,000 likely U.S. voters about their view of the anti-ISIS war.

The survey comes nearly a week before the U.S.-led 68-nation coalition fighting ISIS meets in Washington D.C. March 22-23.

President Trump has vowed to defeat ISIS and the overall threat of radical Islamic terrorism across the world.

“Today we deliver a message in one very unified voice to these forces of death and destruction. America and its allies will defeat you,” the U.S. President said in early February. “We will defeat them. We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism. And we will not allow it to take root in our country. Not going to allow it.”


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