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Kellogg Foundation

#DumpKelloggs: Minority Employees Accuse Kellogg’s of Racism, Subjecting Them to N-Word, Photo of a Baboon

The progressive Kellogg cereal company, known for funding causes aimed at “white privilege,” “institutional racism,” and efforts to defeat voter ID laws, has been accused of standing by and doing nothing as employees at one of its New England distribution centers are daily subjected to mistreatment and racist name calling by management. One African American employee was even allegedly harassed with a picture of a baboon.


#DumpKelloggs: Far-Left Cereal Giant Kellogg’s Warns of ‘Racial Privilege’

The progressive Kellogg Company, famous for its breakfast cereals, is also well-known for sponsoring far-left social programs by giving hundreds of millions over the years to leftwing causes and projects, but most recently the company has taken to programs combating issues like “white privilege” and “structural racism.”