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Report: Islamic State ‘Increasing Footprints’ in Pakistan

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) wing in South Asia is intensifying its presence in Pakistan, particularly in areas along the country’s border with war-ravaged Afghanistan, the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) think tank cautions in a new report.

A US soldier patrols near the site of a US bombing during an operation against Islamic State (IS) militants in the Achin district of Nangarhar province on April 15, 2017. Afghan authorities April 15 reported a jump in fatalities from the American military's largest non-nuclear bomb, declaring some 90 Islamic …

Taliban Claims It Infiltrated Afghan Forces, Killing 3 U.S. Troops, Wounding 1

The Taliban has alleged that it was behind a recent attack carried out by a member of the United States taxpayer-funded Afghan National Defense and Security Force (ANDSF) against American troops in eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, killing three U.S. soldiers and wounding one another.

Security personnel stand guard at the site of a suicide attack on the Supreme Court in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017. A suicide bomber on Tuesday targeted the Supreme Court building in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing over a dozen people, officials said. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

Islamic State Claims Afghan Supreme Court Suicide Bombing

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) branch in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region has taken credit for a suicide bombing outside the Supreme Court in the Afghan capital of Kabul that left at least 20 people dead and dozens of others wounded, a testament to the jihadist group’s growing influence and the dangerous threat it presents.

This undated file image posted on a militant website on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 shows fighters from the al-Qaida-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marching in Raqqa, Syria. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf petro-powerhouses encouraged a flow of cash to Sunni rebels in Syria for years. But …

Islamic State Strengthening Presence in Afghanistan

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) is expanding its terrorist activities and getting stronger in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region as it loses fighters and territory in the Middle East, reports Voice of America (VOA), citing Afghan officials and analysts.

Kashmir Muslim protesters hold a flag of Islamic State as they shout anti-India slogans during a protest in Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, Friday, April 8, 2016. Police fired teargas and pellet guns to disperse Kashmiris who gathered after Friday afternoon prayers to protest against Indian control over a part of …

U.S. Embassy Warns Americans: Islamic State Active in India

The U.S. Embassy in the Indian capital of New Delhi issued a security message this week, urging Americans to “maintain a high level of vigilance” following media reports highlighting the Islamic State’s “desire to attack targets in India,” namely places that are visited regularly by Westerners.

Pakistani mourners gather around the coffins of some of those killed in an attack on the Police Training College Balochistan in Quetta on October 25, 2016. Pakistan on October 25 mourned the killing of at least 61 people in a brutal gun and suicide bomb assault on a police academy, …

Pakistan: Islamic State, Al-Qaeda Reunite for Police Academy Attack

An Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) branch and a faction of an al-Qaeda-affiliated group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), collaborated in carrying out an attack this week on a police academy in Pakistan that left 63 people dead and another estimated 120 wounded, according to an LeJ spokesman.

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Afghan Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Killing U.S. Soldier

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) branch in Afghanistan, known as the Khorasan Province (IS-KP/ISIL-K), has claimed responsibility for planting the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that killed a U.S. service member, bringing the number of American military fatalities during the Afghan war to 2,241.


U.S.: Islamic State in Afghanistan Dressing like Women to Escape

Jihadi members of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) branch in Afghanistan are using civilians as shields and “dressing in female attire” to escape a counterterrorism offensive, U.S. forces in Afghanistan (USFOR-A) said in a statement.

FILE -- In this March 9, 2016 file photo, smoke rises from a building, where Taliban insurgents hide during a fire fight with Afghan security forces, in Helmand province, south west Afghanistan. Kareem Atal, head of the provincial council, said Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016, that troops are being deployed to …

Top Leader: Afghanistan Is Fighting ‘The Devil’

Afghanistan is combating forces of the “devil and darkness” intent on destroying humanity, declared the country’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah as he called for increasing support to the U.S.-backed Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).


General: Afghan Islamic State Forced U.S. Troops to Abandon Weapons

U.S. troops fighting the Islamic State alongside their Afghan counterparts in eastern Afghanistan were forced to leave behind military equipment and weapons, along with the identification cards of a fellow soldier, when they came under fire last month, according to Gen. Charles Cleveland, an American military spokesman.

Border Security Force or BSF soldiers patrol an area where a 30-meter (98-foot) long tunnel was found in R.S. Pura sector at India-Pakistan border 35 kilometers (22 miles) from Jammu, India, Friday, March 4, 2016. The tunnel was allegedly dug from the Pakistani side to push arms and terrorists into …

India Accuses Pakistani Drug Smugglers of Trafficking Jihadists

Anti-narcotics and intelligence officials from India have accused “overlapping groups” of drug smugglers, criminals, and jihadists from neighboring Pakistan of trafficking “anti-India Muslim extremists, counterfeit currency and weapons” into their country, reports the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Masked Pakistani pro- Taliban militants who are supporters of Maulana Fazlullah in Pakistan's Swat valley November 2, 2007. REUTERS/SHERIN ZADA KANJU/FILES

Alliance or War? Taliban Contradicts Itself on Islamic State Stance

An Afghan Taliban spokesman reportedly told an Iranian state-controlled media outlet that his fellow jihadists are “committed” to the annihilation of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) branch in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region known as the Khorasan Province (IS-KP/ISIL-K).

Afghan police poses for photograph with an Islamic State flag after an operation in the Kot district of Jalalabad province east of Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Aug. 1, 2016, (AP Photo/Melad Hamedi)

Afghanistan Confirms Islamic State Chief Killed

The leader of the Islamic State’s branch in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, Hafiz Saeed, has been killed, according to regional Afghan military commander Gen. Mohammad Zaman Waziri.