Jeff Sessions: Time to Get Real About Our ‘Relentlessly Mercantilist’ Trade Partners

“A contract should not exist when it’s not of benefit to both parties,” Sessions declared. “And I just believe it’s time for us to be far more realistic about trading. We have to understand that many of our trading partners are relentlessly mercantilist. They seek to expand their exports to us, expanding their unemployment to us, and block our exports to them.”

CQ Roll Call via AP

The Eagle Must Show its Talons: China’s ‘Closed Sea’ Openly Challenges American Free Trade

The famous 1972 “Nixon to China” moment, in which President Richard Nixon opened up relations with the Chinese Communists to peel them away from the Soviet Union’s orbit, is often considered a major turning point in the Cold War. Since that time, those who guide U.S. foreign policy have mostly seen China as a long-term partner in a future, global system with America as the first among equals. The American eagle and Chinese dragon would rise together with “constructive engagement.”

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