Barta: President Trump Should Stop the Obama Attack on New England Fisherman

In the waning days of his administration, Barack Obama decided to seriously cripple the American fishing industry. By executive order, the former president designated a vast underwater expanse off the coast of New England as the nation’s first aquatic national monument. This decision, driven by evidence-free environmental concerns, effectively banned all commercial fishing in the area.

HOLD FOR RELEASE- RELEASE DATE TBD - In this April 23, 2016 photo David Goethel flips a cod while sorting ground fish caught off the coast of New Hampshire. To Goethel, cod represents his identity, his ticket to middle class life, and his link to one the country’s most historic …

White Woman Arrested Near South Carolina Confederate Flag Memorial

After an incident where aspiring entertainer Bree Newsome was hailed as a “shero” by the left, the media, and Black Lives Matter activists for removing a Confederate Flag from the South Carolina State House, another woman has been arrested for defacing a monument and bringing a weapon onto Capitol grounds, to no acclaim whatsoever.

AP Photo/Bruce Smith