Nicolas Maduro

Maduro Launches Venezuela’s Christmas Season on October 15

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro has once again brought forward the beginning of the country’s Christmas season by two months as his socialist regime desperately attempts to deflect attention away from the country’s dire economic and humanitarian predicament. 

Men work on the installation of a christmas sign in Caracas on November 2, 2017. Venezuela will put into circulation a new bank note of 100,000 Bolivars, which multiplies by five the current largest denomination, and will move towards the massive use of electronic money to avoid what President Nicolas …

Poll: Most Venezuelans Want ‘Capitalist’ Nation

Capitalism is the most popular ideology among citizens of Venezuela, a poll released this weekend found, and most who want to see dictator Nicolás Maduro vacate power before the end of the year see anti-Maduro opposition leaders as sell-outs to socialism.