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Caruzo – Two Decades of Socialism Fail to Kill the Christmas Spirit in Venezuela

CARACAS — Venezuelan citizens prepare themselves for another diminished Christmas in 2021. After a year full of political stagnation, sham elections, ongoing gasoline shortages, collapsed public utilities – and every other symptom of the country’s larger condition, socialism – it’s time for a moment of respite, brief as it may be.

Old CDs turned into Christmas ornaments hang in an alley at the Artigas neighbourhood in Caracas, on December 7, 2019. (Photo by Yuri CORTEZ / AFP) (Photo by YURI CORTEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

Caruzo: Maduro Eats Birthday Cake on TV While Venezuelans Cut Down Trees to Cook

CARACAS, Venezuela – Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro celebrated his 58th birthday on the 23rd of November with a soirée broadcast by the state’s media apparatus with all the bells and whistles — while his citizens, reaching a new stage of the painful collapse of socialist Venezuela, are forced to chop down trees to use as firewood to cook.

Nicolás Maduro's birthday party 2020

Caruzo: How Maduro Uses Passport Regulations to Ruin People’s Lives

CARACAS – Venezuela’s socialist regime has made it nearly impossible for citizens to renew or obtain new passports – a violation of international human rights law that could leave millions stranded and deprived of identity in the middle of Latin America’s worst-ever migrant crisis.

Venezuelan citizens show their passports during a demonstration to express their disagreement about the situation in Venezuela and against the restoration of US diplomatic relations with Cuba,outside a hotel in which Cuban dissidents give a press conference in Panama on April 8, 2015, days before the opening of the VII …

Caruzo: Global Left Ignores Unending Brutality of Venezuela’s Police

CARACAS – The Venezuelan socialist regime has transformed law enforcement agencies into a many-headed hydra of terror. The global media doesn’t seem to be calling for their defunding or even denouncing their heinous acts with the same fervor as they do to America’s police institutions.

TOPSHOT - Riot police clash with opposition demonstrators during a protest against the government of President Nicolas Maduro on the anniversary of the 1958 uprising that overthrew the military dictatorship, in Caracas on January 23, 2019. - Venezuela's National Assembly head Juan Guaido declared himself the country's "acting president" on …