Rachel Beyda

Hindu Law Student Leaves UCLA After Anti-Israel Harassment

University of California Los Angeles law student Milan Chatterjee, the former president of the school’s Graduate Student Association (GSA), revealed that he is leaving for New York University because of discrimination, bullying and harassment by anti-Israel students at the publicly-funded California school.

Milan Chatterjee (Facebook)

Stanford Student Files Complaint after Jewish Faith Questioned

A junior at Stanford University has filed an official complaint after being questioned about whether her Jewish faith would affect her ability to serve in the student Senate. The allegedly antisemitic incident is the second such recent case in California, coming a month after UCLA’s student council questioned a candidate for student office about her Jewish faith.

Stanford (Wikimedia Commons)

UCLA Unanimously Passes Antisemitism Resolution

The undergraduate student government at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) voted unanimously on Tuesday to pass a resolution condemning all forms of antisemitism and hatred or hostility geared towards Jewish students on campus.


Anti-Israel Culture at UCLA Blamed for Anti-Semitism

A recent meeting at UCLA to nominate a Jewish sophomore to the student council’s Judicial Board, is the latest incident to shine a light on a culture of apparent antisemitism at UCLA. Staunch anti-Israel rhetoric has pervaded the University of California school system for sometime.