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Jeb Bush Money Juggernaut Blows an Axle

Jeb Bush, the one-time presumptive Republican nominee, is facing a very real money crunch. His campaign raised only $7 million in the last three months of last year. Fundraising for his once mammouth Right to Rise super PAC has also dried up.

Mary Schwalm, AP

Team Rubio Furious Over Bush Super PAC Ad Mocking His Boots

In a video titled “Boots,” the Right To Rise Super PAC highlights the Rubio record on Syria, Immigration, Cap-And-Trade, and Iran as a man wearing fancy boots struts across the screen to the tune of Nancy Sinatra’s “Boots” song.

Jeb Bush at California startup (Eric Risberg / Associated Press)

Jeb Bush Ads Hit… California

California voters will not go to the polls for more than half a year. Yet ads featuring former Florida governor Jeb Bush have been popping up on California television in recent days.