California Water Use Falls Dramatically in April

Californians saved 13.9 percent more water in April as compared with the same month in 2013, a significant improvement over the last several months’ dismal conservation numbers.

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Musician Moby Offers ‘Solutions’ to Help Solve CA Drought

Electronic musician Moby sat down with Rolling Stone this week to discuss California’s four-year-long drought and the steps the state could take to mitigate its effects and finally end it. The musician and activist said California’s water problem could be


Drought: Farmers Offer 25% of Water in Exchange for No Future Cuts

Select farmers in the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Delta have offered to give up one quarter of their allotted water supply this year to help California combat its devastating four-year-long drought. The farmers, who hold senior water rights to

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Drought: Another Small California Town Runs Out of Water

The community of Outingdale in El Dorado County, California is in the middle of a Stage 4 water emergency, as the state enters an expectedly dry summer amidst the devastating four-year drought. Despite sitting on the banks of the Cosumnes

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Major Setback for Jerry Brown’s Water Conservation Plan?

A California state appellate court struck down a tiered water rate plan used by the city of San Juan Capistrano as unconstitutional on Monday. The ruling that could represent a major setback for the state’s recently amended water conservation plan, backed by Gov. Jerry Brown as an answer to California’s crippling, historic drought.

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California Lays Out Second Draft of Statewide Water Cutback Plan

California’s State Water Resources Control Board on Saturday unveiled the latest outline for the implementation of water cutbacks across the Golden State. The Board said the new rules would better take into account factors that the previous outline had not addressed.

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Beverly Hills Ordered to Reduce Water Use by 35%

Under the plan, 135 of the state’s biggest water-using communities–including Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Palos Verdes–will be forced to cut use by 35 percent to comply with Gov. Jerry Brown’s executive order to cut statewide use by 25 percent this year, according to the New York Times.

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Top 10 Weird Facts About California’s Drought

California Gov. Jerry Brown finally pulled the trigger Wednesday, ordering mandatory statewide water restrictions for the first time in state history. While Brown has been criticized for his slow, “lame” response to California’s water problem, the fact is, we are


Jerry Brown Unveils $1 Billion Drought Relief Package

California Gov. Jerry Brown was scheduled to visit the state Capitol in Sacramento on Thursday morning to outline a $1 billion plan to help the state navigate through a fourth year of drought.


California Farmers Sell Water Instead of Planting Food

Rice farmers in northern California’s Sacramento Valley have found a new way to turn a profit in the drought-ravaged state: selling a portion of their water supply to thirsty southern Californians for a premium price.


As State Suffers Thirst, California Bureaucrats Keep the Pumps Off

California farmers, agricultural workers, and elected officials packed the hearing room at the headquarters of the State Water Resources Control Board in downtown Sacramento on Wednesday morning. The agenda: comments and complaints related to Board executive director Tom Howard’s rejection of a temporary order that would increase water pumping from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to the drought-ravaged southern two-thirds of the state.

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