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Transgender Teen Nearly Homecoming Queen

A transgender cheerleader at San Ysidro High School nearly became San Diego County’s first-ever transgender homecoming queen this Friday. Violet Ri, 17, was born a boy but decided last year that she felt more comfortable being a girl and thus

Transgender teen (San Ysidro High School / San Diego Gay & Lesbian News)

Transgender Community Rips ‘I Am Cait’ Jenner Reality Show

As the first season of E! network’s I Am Cait reality television show came to an end last weekend, many in the transgender community have blasted both the show and its star, Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, for failing to represent the struggles that ordinary trans people face on a daily basis.

Bruce Jenner AP

Transgender Community Speaks Out Against New Bathroom Referendum

Sacramento’s transgender community has spoken out against a proposed ballot measure submitted this Friday by the group Privacy for All to counter Assembly Bill 1266 (known as the “Transgender Bathroom Bill”). The referendum would require people to use “restrooms, showers, locker rooms, and changing