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Police: Florida Teenager Orchestrated Twitter Hack

A 17-year-old teenager from Tampa, Florida, has been arrested after being accused of orchestrating the recent Twitter hack that saw the accounts of multiple high-profile users hijacked to spread a Bitcoin scam. The teen faces 30 felony charges related to the hack.

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Twitter Reveals Further Detail of Major Account Hack

Twitter has provided an update on its recent hack which saw multiple high-profile users hijacked to spread a Bitcoin scam generating over $100,000 for hackers. The company blames a “phone spear phishing attack” on employees for granting access to internal systems for the hackers. Beyond spreading a Bitcoin scam, the company has confirmed the intruders accessed the private account details including direct messages (DMs) of some accounts.

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Report: More Than 1,000 Twitter Employees Had Access to Aid Hackers

A recent report from Reuters alleges that over 1,000 Twitter employees and contractors had access to internal tools that were used to hack 130 high-profile accounts to spread a Bitcoin scam. The private information including direct messages of dozens of accounts was also accessed in the hack.


Twitter Confirms Private Information Was Accessed by Hackers

Twitter has confirmed that the private information of Twitter users was accessed during the hack earlier this week. The information included email addresses and phone numbers, and in some cases, the intruders were able to download an archive of activity include direct messages and other sensitive content.

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Report: FBI Investigates Twitter Hack

The FBI has reportedly opened an investigation into the hack of Twitter that took place this week amid concerns that the company’s seemingly vulnerable systems could pose international security threats.

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Twitter Claims Hack Targeted 130 Prominent Accounts

Twitter claims that 130 accounts in total were targeted by hackers who recently hijacked high profile accounts on the platform belonging to some of the most prominent individuals in the world including Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Apple.

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