Wang Wenbin

China Brandishes ‘Shotguns’ at U.S. over Taiwan Less than a Month After CA Church Shooting

The Chinese Foreign Ministry warned America on Tuesday it would “welcome with shotguns” and “jackals” anyone seeking to support Taiwan. The threat came a day after President Joe Biden claimed America had a “commitment” to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion and less than a month after a man opened fire on a Taiwanese church group in California, allegedly driven by Chinese nationalist “hate.”

A Chinese soldier

Annoyed China Weighs in on Bezos-Musk Twitter Spat

Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos criticized a fellow billionaire’s purchase of a media company on Tuesday by wondering if Communist China might use economic pressure against Elon Musk to gain “a bit of leverage” over Twitter. The Chinese Foreign Ministry brusquely labeled such ideas as “speculation . . . without any factual basis.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin listens to a question at the daily Foreign