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Kenya Legalizes Medical Advertising to Curb the Witch Doctor Business

In west Africa, trust in traditional herbalists significantly worsened the outlook in the unprecedented Ebola outbreak of 2014-2015. In Tanzania, authorities banned witch doctors entirely after years of attacks on the nation’s “magical” albino population. Now Kenya has taken a bold new move in eradicating the practice of unlicensed medicine: letting certified physicians advertise their services in public.

Kenyan witch-doctor John Dimo, who claims to be 105 years old, interprets the result after throwing shells, bones, and other magic items to predict the outcome of the U.S. election, in front of his hut in the village of Kogelo, from where President Barack Obama's late father came from and …

Tanzania Bans Witch Doctors in Response to Widespread Albino Killings

The government of Tanzania has outlawed witch doctors in response to the increasingly widespread practice of hunting albino individuals to use their body parts in magic spells. Witch doctors have convinced clients that the body parts of an albino can bring good luck and attract money, which has led to the killing of at least 70 albino individuals and the disfigurement of countless others.

AFP / Milliyet Daily Handout / Bunyamin Aygun