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Pope Francis Says Ban on Women Priests Is ‘Final’

During the papal press conference on the return flight from Sweden to Rome Tuesday, Pope Francis confirmed that the Church’s longstanding ban on women priests is final and not subject to change.

Pope Francis talks with journalists aboard a plane during the flight back from Malmo to Rome, on November 1, 2016, after a two-days visit in Sweden. / AFP / POOL / ETTORE FERRARI (Photo credit should read ETTORE FERRARI/AFP/Getty Images)

Top Cardinal Says Vatican Prime Minister ‘Could Be a Woman’

The Vatican’s Secretary of State said this week that there is no reason why a woman could not occupy his post in the future—the equivalent of Prime Minister—since “the office is not bound to the sacraments and to the priesthood.”

Cardinal Pietro Parolin

New York Times Ends Two-Year Love Affair with Pope Francis

This week, Pope Francis will celebrate the second anniversary of his election to the papacy, marked by a notable cooling in the Left’s embrace of a man they had hoped would bring revolutionary change to the Catholic Church.

AP Photo/Andrew Medichini