‘Daily Mail’ Claims ‘Black Ops III’ Will Make Girls ‘More Violent’


Call of Duty: Black Ops III was released on Friday to praise throughout the video game press. This new installment of the bestseller series was not only “the biggest and most feature packed Call of Duty to date,” but also now had the option for players to viciously murder the enemy whilst in possession of that most feared of weapons – a vagina.

It seems, however, that the Daily Mail does not subscribe to Game Journo Pros and isn’t championing the inclusion of playable female characters in the game’s multiplayer. Instead of screaming from the rooftops that this was a new step forward for women in gaming and that male players of Black Ops should get out of this new safe space, they opted to stick to their tired old stand-point of “all video games cause violence!”

Like infamous anti-video game campaigner Jack Thompson, the Daily Mail occasionally plays the role of SJW for the political right, claiming that “the controversial video game series [encourages]… young women to be more violent.” As a result of playing this evil, blood-thirsty game, they argue girls will be “more cold and reckless.”

That last quote came from “child development expert” Sue Palmer, whose ideas of the effects that video-games have on children were clearly stolen from a newspaper article dated 1995.

Time and time again the old myth that video games cause people to shoot up their local elementary school is regurgitated, especially by contemporary anti-gaming crusader Anita Sarkeesian and her progressive-left followers, even though it has been disproved by various studies.There has been observed a temporary increase in testosterone (which therefore increases competitiveness and aggression), but there is zero proven link whatsoever to violent crime or long term health effects. In fact, as video game sales have increased, violent crime has decreased.

Moreover, the Daily Mail is spitting on people who really should be their best friends. As Noah Dulis reported last Thursday, a survey released by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) found that almost 50% of gamers identified as conservative, compared to only around 40% as liberals. The right cannot rely on the grey vote forever, and the world of gaming is the place to gain and grow their future supporters.