T-Mobile CEO Tweets Scatological Image of Donald Trump, Insults Millions Of Customers


You’d think that a company with millions of customers up and down the United States would think twice before insulting a huge chunk of them. Not so for John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile US, who late last evening retweeted the following image of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.


Regular readers will know that I have an exceedingly low tolerance for the professionally offended. But doesn’t a CEO tweeting a picture like this betray something about how he regards his own customers? It’s typical of liberals to resort to childish name-calling instead of substantive argument, and Legere’s juvenile tweet speaks volumes about that mentality.

But it also speaks volumes about the contempt that liberal elites have for ordinary people, even the people who heat their pools. Millions of T-Mobile customers are Republicans, and of them, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, will be supporting Donald Trump.

In fewer than 140 characters, Legere has given all of these people reason to switch to a new network. Having an opinion on Presidential politics is dangerous enough for someone who serves so many customers. Entering the debate in such a crass and inelegant manner, by laughing at decent people, is deeply injudicious.

I suppose it’s mean to point out that T-Mobile is a German company, Germany being the nation most responsible for flooding Europe with terrorists disguised as “refugees” and therefore catalysing the migrant crisis. Trump, of course, has publicly criticised Angela Merkel’s decision-making.

Taking the bait, Legere wants people to “Dump Trump,” but I expect many of his customers will be dumping him first. T-Mobile US’s CEO did not return a request for comment. The Donald, of course, had already responded…

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