Campus Crazies Agree To Ban ‘Dreaming Of A White Christmas’ On Grounds Of Racism


Yes, the inevitable happened. Campus crazies have agreed to ban a Christmas song on grounds of racism. True, they only agreed to it as the result of a prank – but they still agreed to it.

“I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas” is one the staples of the Christmas season. Since it was first sung by Bing Cosby in 1941, versions of the song have sold over 150 million copies. It’s a song, unsurprisingly, about someone who dreams for an idyllic, snow-covered morning on Christmas Day.

For students at George Mason college, however, the song is a dangerous example of racism that must be contained.

A presenter from MRCTV decided to troll students by asking them to sign a form suggesting that the song be banned on campus. Students were told that the song “perpetuates the idea that white is naturally good, and that the other colours are bad” and that this was “insulting to people of colour.”

“I like racially ambiguous Christmases, personally” the presenter tells one student. He also complains that the song “doesn’t mention anything about climate change” which is “very inappropriate.”

In total, the trolling team managed to pick up 18 signatures from students in just an hour, on a snowy day.

The full clip can be watched below.

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