Here Are All The Women Who Disagree With The Huffington Post’s Fainting-Couch Feminism


The Huffington Post has found out that hard way that speaking on behalf of one half of the human population isn’t a simple task.

Yesterday, the Huffington Post waded into the row over Twitter’s cataclysmic de-verification of Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos. The famously left-wing site ran an article bearing the title “Thank You Twitter – By Unverifying Milo Yiannopoulos, You Are Standing Up For Women Online.”

In the tediously common manner of the identity-obsessed left, the author, Jessie Thompson, presumes to speak on behalf of all women. Thomspon welcomed Twitter’s punishment, arguing that the internet was a “cesspit of misogyny,” and a “scary place to be a woman.” Anticipating severe cyberviolence from Yiannopoulos’ followers Thomspon concludes the piece by announcing she is going to “make a cup of tea before they pile in.”

The trouble with speaking on behalf of half the human population, of course, is that not all of them will be inclined to agree with your opinion. Especially if it’s a quintessential example of fainting-couch feminism.

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