Packed Crowds at SXSW ‘Online Harassment Summit’

Lol, just kidding. Here are some pictures of the actual event. Serial online abuser Randi Harper, a particularly ironic supporter of the event, spent much of her time anxiously glancing at other people’s phones, looking for GamerGate-supporting spies.

MPs Vote To Decriminalise Non-Payments Of TV License

BBC Identifies Real Global Emergency: Women Are Being Insulted on the Internet

The BBC feature quotes a widely discredited study from the U.N. on “cyberviolence,” which, contrary to research from the Pew Centre and the Demos think tank, makes the extraordinary claim that “95% of all aggressive and denigrating behaviour in online spaces is aimed at women.”

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Donald Trump Is America’s Number One Victim Of Cyber Violence

According to Re/code, the SXSW festival is planning to host a day-long event on online harassment after the progressive media whined at them about it for a week. You might say they were… harassed into doing it. But the real

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Internet Governance Forum Plans New ‘Anti-Cyberviolence’ Push

The United Nations report on “cyberviolence against women and girls,” which called on national governments to censor the internet, was withdrawn for revision earlier this week following widespread criticism and mockery. But a new hashtag by the U.N-created Internet Governance Forum (IGF) designed to spread the concept even further is still scheduled for today.


U.N. Broadband Commission Pulls Feminist ‘Cyber Violence’ Report

An extraordinary United Nations report on “Cyberviolence Against Women and Girls” has been withdrawn pending revision by the U.N. Broadband Commission, the body that published it. This followed widespread criticism from across the political spectrum.