Omid Kordestani – Twitter’s Other Big Problem

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Here at Breitbart Tech, we’ve extensively covered the disastrous return of Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter, and the social media platform’s regrettable departure from its founding ideal as the “free speech wing of the free speech party.” But Dorsey isn’t the only big cheese behind Twitter’s abandonment of its principles.

Meet Omid Kordestani, the executive chair currently at the head of Twitter’s board of directors. Those who follow the tech scene closely may recognize that name from his admittedly stellar career history at Google and Netscape.

Since joining Twitter in mid-October, Kordestani has gone mostly under the radar, despite his stature and position at the company. Like other Twitter employees, Kordestani rarely uses the service himself and seems to have little appreciation for what keeps those who do coming back. But his tweet history, scant though it may be, is enough to paint a clear picture of a political agenda.

Here he is engaged in feminist virtue-signaling, promoting a report on a non-peer-reviewed study that was breathlessly and uncritically trumpeted across the feminist tech media a couple weeks ago as proof of both women’s superiority at coding and the imagined sexism in tech that supposedly keeps it from being recognized.

Like Dorsey, Kordestani appears to have an affinity for DeRay Mckesson, the notorious, race-baiting Black Lives Matter leader and political agitator, who successfully persuaded Twitter to ban journalist Chuck Johnson last year after Johnson announced a potentially reputation-destroying investigation into the activist. You can see him endorsing Mckesson’s run for mayor of Baltimore here:

Perhaps most ominous is this tweet in which, as recently as December 16th, Kordestani expressed the need to prevent the “blatantly racist rhetoric” of Donald Trump from creating “second class Americans.”

Given the sentiment and the timing of this tweet, is it any wonder that Trump supporters have experienced mass censorship and banning from Twitter in its wake? And, in light of all these tweets by the head board member, is Twitter’s formation of a “Trust And Safety Council” comprised of race-and-gender grievance peddlers that surprising?

It would appear that Twitter has undergone “social justice convergence,” a term coined by author and blogger Vox Day in the book SJWs Always Lie to describe the all-too-familiar situation in which progressive radicals reach critical mass within an organization, turning its focus away from such mundane goals as productivity and profitability, and towards enforcement of their political objectives.

And what of Kordestani’s proven competence in his previous jobs? Well, there is no guarantee that effectiveness as an employee means Kordestani will make the right choices when he’s calling the shots. Power easily goes to one’s head – especially when it gives you the opportunity to implement your political ideals. If anything, Kordestani’s abilities suggest that he is more responsible for Twitter’s recent draconianism than is Jack Dorsey, who is better known for his haplessness.

It remains to be seen if Twitter’s investors will finally decide that enough is enough, and reign in the company’s out-of-control ideologues. But until that happens, things don’t look too bright for the future of open dialogue on Twitter, which once proudly called itself “the free speech wing of the free speech party.”

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