Writer Graham Linehan Bullies, Posts Private Picture of 21-Year Old Critic on Twitter

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Controversial comedy writer and anti-Gamergate warrior Graham Linehan has been caught yet again picking on the little guy after he harassed a 21-year old university graduate for insulting one of Linehan’s posts on Twitter.

“Luckily I find it very easy to separate the person from their creations,” wrote the young graduate who goes by the name of SidnellD on the social network, after a series of tweets criticising Linehan and some of his posts that he disagreed with.

An hour later, Linehan replied to the tweet which Sidnell had not even tagged him in, writing, “daww. How about Jo? Is she proud of how you behave online? Doubt it,” with a picture of SidnellD and his mother together at graduation, ripped from his Facebook account.

“I’d return the same question to your mother. And yourself finding and posting this photo is really creepy,” replied SidnellD.

People immediately flocked to SidnellD’s aid after witnessing the situation, and many highlighted the creepiness of Linehan stalking a young adult’s social media accounts in order to find his private Facebook, look through his pictures, find a personal picture featuring the man and his mother, learn her name, and publicly post it to his 609,000+ followers as an intimidation tactic.

It’s not the first time that Linehan has picked on someone smaller than him either. The comedian is notorious for his Internet harassment and bullying tactics, which he usually encourages his 600,000+ fans to join in with too.

“He was often bullied: for being a geek and for his size,” states Linehan’s Guardian biography. So why did he bully a disabled GamerGate supporter in December? Playing up to his usual tricks, Linehan publicly posted a picture of the disabled man after disagreeing in an Internet argument, with the comedy writer’s response being to mock him for his looks. Or what about the time he bullied another man who had peacefully disagreed with him online, again publicly posting his picture, mocking the man’s clothes and appearance?

Linehan has even taken jabs at this reporter in the past. “Graham Linehan is a terrible human being. I don’t hate many people on Twitter, but Linehan is definitely one of them,” I tweeted last December. It wasn’t long before he found it.

If you ever want to be called “cancer” or “an oxygen thief,” tweet the words “Graham Linehan” along with anything that doesn’t kiss his ass in some way. You’ll find your notifications become exciting after an hour or so.

Linehan frequently engages in these tactics; the public posting of personal photographs, revealing his opponent’s private information, playground bully namecalling and appearance mocking, encouraged targeted harassment, cloaked threats, the list goes on. Graham Linehan is a bully, and the fact that Twitter has not yet dealt with this bully, especially with their new safety council, is baffling.

Charlie Nash is a frequent contributor to Breitbart Tech and former editor of the Squid Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington.


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