Celebrity Male Advice Archive Launches for Aspiring Young Men


The Advisor, a self-described “visual archive” of handwritten advice letters from successful men in the arts to fellow aspiring young males, has been launched online.

Filmmaker, writer, and photographer Richard Kern features as the first addition in April, along with Canadian actor and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, and a new addition will be featured every week this month.

“A man’s first rebellion occurs once he sheds confinement. Co-existing as the brother gallery to the provocateur and edited by Alex Kazemi, The Advisor hosts a visual archive of original handwritten letters penned by venerated males within the arts, written to fellow men,” states the “About” page located at the official website.

“These artifacts, published once a week, exist as pillars of advice, mentorship, and personal anecdotes, offering a peek into the inner worlds of culture’s most paramount male creatives,” it continues. “By offering their personal experiences and advisement in pursuits of occupation, life, and love, the Advisor aims to bridge the gap between myth and reality, allowing for counsel and guidance from each individual creative to the reader.”

Male model and photographer Marcel Castenmiller, Canadian designer Rad Hourani, American musician Justin Tranter, and photographer Nabil are also listed on the website to be providing letters to the archive this month, with a new addition being added every Friday.

“There’s something to be said about how a lot of men today are meant to feel guilty and immediately hate themselves because of the responsibility for their privilege,” said archive curator Alex Kazemi to Breitbart Tech.

“It puts a lot of them in spiritual poverty. Suffering is not exclusive to one gender, it never has been. It never will be,” he explained. “And I think it’s important for young guys to have their spirits lifted and to hear advice from successful men who have conquered through real hardships and fighting to become the men they are today… It’s healthy for male icons who know these experiences to talk to these young men.”

Kazemi, who identifies as a cultural libertarian, works primarily as a writer and pop artist, which helped influence his decision to present the letters in a unique and handwritten form.

“The reason the letters are handwritten is because nobody has the same hand writing. Every man is an individual,” he said. “We may have lost the sense of individuality in such a homogenous era but that does not mean it doesn’t exist.”

Charlie Nash is a frequent contributor to Breitbart Tech and former editor of the Squid Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington.