University of Michigan Student Goes Undercover as Bernie Sanders Supporter at Marijuana Rally

Hunter Swogger/YouTube
Hunter Swogger/YouTube

University of Michigan senior Hunter Swogger is at it again — this time taking to a local marijuana festival dressed as a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Swogger, who was recently seen irritating Sanders supporters by asking for Trump campaign donations at a Sanders rally, took to the Hash Bash for some “intellectual stimulation.”

The Annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash, one of the world’s largest pro-marijuana events, is in its 45th year in Michigan. The event involves speeches, live music, street vending, and civil disobedience in the form of marijuana use. An estimated 8,000 people attended the rally in support of legalizing marijuana use, one of which was actor-musician Tommy Chong. Chong said that marijuana allowed him to retain his appetite during his prostate and rectal cancer treatments and gave him an “appetite for life.” 

Most of the protesters pledged allegiance to Sanders, and some identified themselves as communists. One woman argued that Americans would be safer if the government provided clean needles for intravenous drug use.

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