Game Developer Who Called For Mosque Surveillance Reinstated On Twitter Following Breitbart Article


Mark Kern, the veteran game developer who was suspended from Twitter after suggesting that radical mosques be subject to the same NSA surveillance as other Americans, has had his account reinstated following Breitbart Tech’s report yesterday.

Kern, a well-known games developer who worked on the original iteration of Blizzard entertainment’s acclaimed World Of Warcraft series, had suggested that in the wake of the Orlando shootings, “radical mosques” oughtn’t be exempt from NSA surveillance.

This was the last tweet he posted before his suspension:

After reinstating his account, Twitter claimed that he had been suspended for the header image on his profile, which allegedly contained “nude or pornographic content.” Kern immediately questioned their justification, given that the header image contained no nude imagery and had been atop his profile for several months.

Kern called the justification a “lame excuse” and argued that Twitter had to backpedal given the coverage their actions received from conservative media.

Here’s the header image that Twitter claimed was so unacceptable that Kern had to be suspended. Readers can judge for themselves whether it was the real reason.


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