Billionaire Venture Capitalist Sam Altman Compares Donald Trump To Adolf Hitler

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Silicon Valley venture capitalist Sam Altman, known for founding and backing some of the most successful tech companies around today, has expressed his disapproval of Donald Trump, comparing the presidential candidate to Hitler in a blog post published Monday.

Altman broke a self-imposed Twitter silence to share his blog post on Trump. He condemned Trump for his actions as a presidential candidate, writing that “Trump is irresponsible in the way dictators are. Trump’s casual racism, misogyny, and conspiracy theories are without precedent among major presidential nominees”.

This indictment of Trump is not uncommon among the largely liberal members of Silicon Valley elites, Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman has also previously compared Trump to Hitler.

Altman states that he doesn’t disagree with everything Trump says and believes that Trump is right when he says that the economy is growing too slowly and that American citizens are “getting screwed by the system.”

However, Altman believes that Trump’s solutions to these problems are dangerous. More specifically it seems that Altman disagrees with Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the US following global terror attacks by Muslims extremists such as ISIS.

“Demagogic hate-mongers lead down terrible paths,” wrote Altman, also stating that Trump, much like Hitler, is hiding the fact that although he states he’s going to “Make America Great Again”, he has very few ideas as to how to do that nor the resources to implement these ideas.

“He distracts us with hate of outsiders in the hopes that we don’t notice he has no plan for the inside,” said Altman. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing'” Altman said, repeating a well known phrase “This would be a good time for us all — even Republicans, especially Republican politicians who previously endorsed Trump — to start speaking up.”

Trump does however have the support of some big name Silicon Valley elites such as Peter Thiel, a Paypal co-founder and Facebook investor, most recently known for funding Hulk Hogans lawsuit against media company Gaker. Thiel is slated to act as a Donald Trump delegate this summer during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

It seems however that Altman, like Thiel, won’t be staying neutral during this election cycle stating that “In an ordinary election, it’s reasonable for people in the business world to remain publicly neutral. But this is not an ordinary election.”

Interestingly, Altman himself is likely an indirect beneficiary of the presumptive GOP nominee’s war on political correctness. Despite his outward displays of progressivism, Altman was savaged by social justice warriors on Twitter in 2015 after he condemned their propensity for forming online “lynchmobs.”

With Trump in the picture, the ferocious activism of the left, which once targeted insufficiently zealous progressives like Altman, is now entirely focused on stopping the Trump Train. Altman may condemn the candidate and his demeanour, but it’s hard to imagine he isn’t glad that the SJWs have turned their attention to a new target.

Lucas Nolan is a Journalism and Media student at Dublin Business School and a regular contributor to Breitbart Tech. He can be contacted via Twitter here: @LucasNolan_


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