Shaun King Predicts Turkey Style Coup If Trump Wins The Presidency

Shaun King

Following the attempted military coup in Turkey, former Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has claimed that there will also be a coup against Donald Trump should he become president of the United States. 

“If Donald Trump becomes President, you are fooling yourself if you think we’re far from having a coup our own selves,” King tweeted. “I’m dead serious.”

The attempted coup in Turkey has so far led to the death of 265 people, including 161 innocent civilians.

King has previously claimed that a Trump presidency would lead to violence, claiming he appeals to “anarchists who see a Trump presidency as a shortcut to mass chaos, protest, dissidence, and anger in our nation,” in an article for the Daily News.

He has also refused to denounce the shootings of policemen in the Baton Rouge Police Department which has left three officers dead, and three in critical condition, telling Twitter users to “quit asking him” whether he denounces Black Lives Matter inspired violence.

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