Microsoft Announces Tools to Combat ‘Hate Speech’

Microsoft said the content of emails stored on servers overseas were off limits to US police

Software giant Microsoft is the latest company to announce plans to crack down on “hate speech,” providing additional resources for users who report an incident.

In a blog post, the company said that it “is committed to creating safe online communities where our customers can learn, play, grow and interact without the threat of violence or hatred” on services such as OneDrive, Skype, and Xbox Live.

“Today we’re announcing a new dedicated web form for reporting hate speech on our hosted consumer services, and a separate web form for requests to reconsider and reinstate content,” it continued.

According to Microsoft Chief Online Safety Officer Jacqueline Beauchere, the company will continue its “notice-and-takedown” approach for material that is deemed inappropriate or hate speech.

The company claims to have been pro-active in combatting terrorism online, after it announced new policy programs in May in order to reduce online extremism.

Microsoft now joins the majority of technology firms in releasing official programs to reduce the spread of “hate speech.”

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