Microsoft Reports over 400 Million People Have Installed Windows 10


Microsoft announced that over 400 million people have now installed Windows 10, after previously declaring 350 million in July.

Windows 10 has reached 400 million users significantly faster than Windows 7 did, which took seven months longer to reach 400 million users, while Windows 8 only ever reached just over 200 million users.

In July, Microsoft announced that it would fail to meet its one billion user target by mid-2018, after previously declaring that they would meet the goal just one year before.

Many users have complained about Microsoft’s invasive and manipulative update campaign for Windows 10, which would frequently use pop-up notifications on Windows-installed computers, sometimes attempting to trick people into installing the latest operating system.

One Californian woman even successfully sued Microsoft after a Windows 10 auto-update rendered her computer unusable.

Teri Goldstein won $10,000 in court from Microsoft after attempts by customer support to fix the issue failed. However many other users have also been left disappointed with the operating system.

“They tell you it’s optional, that you have to opt in, but they just do it anyway,” claimed one reluctant Windows 10 user. “I’ve been using Windows forever… and when I can’t find what I need to get done what I need to do, there’s a problem with it.”

“My worry with this is that they are fundamentally manipulating the trust Windows consumers will have in Windows Update from this point going forward,” said analyst Wes Miller, who previously claimed that the aggressive update pushes were also a security hazard due to the amount of people turning off all of their updates to avoid Windows 10. “You can’t perform an action for a user without their explicit permission, it’s just not acceptable.”

Free upgrades to Windows 10 for Microsoft customers have since been discontinued, and users interested in the operating system now have to fork over $120 for the privilege.

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