Report: Samsung to Release Update to Shut Down Remaining Galaxy Note 7 Phones

AP Photo
The Associated Press

Samsung has made the decision to remotely shut down the last few remaining Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones still out there over fears that the phones are a fire hazard.

Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 back in September due to reports of battery faults that often caused phones to overheat and in some cases explode. Samsung offered Note 7 users the chance to return their phone in exchange for a different Samsung device, and as of November 4, 85% of all Note 7 phones had been recovered by Samsung.

Samsung will reportedly soon take the final step in ensuring that the Note 7 is no longer usable by rolling out an update that will prevent it from charging. The Verge received a photo of a text notification one Note 7 user received.

Samsung previously placed limitations on battery life in an attempt to stop the phone from overheating, only allowing it to charge to 60% capacity. The update also forced a popup to appear on the screen stating that the phone was recalled and that the owner should return it as soon as possible.


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