Report: John Podesta Email Hack Was Due to Typo from Aide

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Former Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails may have been hacked due to a typo by a Clinton aide.

After receiving a phishing email claiming that Podesta needed to change his password on Google, a Podesta aide asked Clinton Campaign aide Charles Delavan whether the email was real or not shortly before being compromised.

Delavan replied that it was a “legitimate” email, prompting Podesta to change his password “immediately.” however Delavan is now claiming that he meant to write that the email was “illegitimate.”

“Delavan told the Times he had intended to type ‘illegitimate,’ a typo he still has not forgiven himself for making,” reports The Hill. “The email was a phishing scam that ultimately revealed Podesta’s password to hackers. Soon after, WikiLeaks began releasing 10 years of his emails.”

Delavan also allegedly meant to prompt Podesta into changing his Google password on the website, instead of through the fraudulent email he received.

Since Hillary Clinton’s loss during the 2016 presidential election, Podesta has blamed the hack on Russia.

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