Dean Pulls College Newspaper over Concerns Foul Language ‘May Be Upsetting’ to Students


An administrator at a community college in New York state has pulled a student newspaper from circulation over concerns that the use of a curse word “may be upsetting” to students.

Monroe County Community College in New York was set to run a story about health and safety standards on campus before the college’s dean stepped in over concerns that the use of the word “bastard,” might be upsetting to some students.

The story in question was titled, “MCC’s Bastard Campus,” and covered the renovations to the Sibley building, which is being used by the college until another space becomes ready in the upcoming fall.

The student newspaper’s Editor-In-Chief, Becki Walters, claims that the headline was meant to reflect the way in which students felt they have been treated by the administration. Walters also claimed that by attempting to delay the release of the paper, the administration was attempting to “limiting the right of a free press.”

The article cites a memo from the MCC Faculty Association about health and safety conditions at DCC and provides additional information about the problems related to this renovation. …

“Our headline was in response to how DCC students from past years and the current year feel they have been treated. They feel like second-class citizens,” said [Editor in Chief Becki] Walters.

As soon as students heard of the plans to delay the release of the paper, they rushed to the paper’s headquarters and collected copies to distribute amongst the students.

A spokesperson for Monroe County Community college claimed that the dean’s decision to delay the release of the paper was inappropriate.